Sustainable rural livelihoods

Rural communities in south 24 pgs are experiencing frequent floods, cyclones, temperature variations and irregular rainfalls.this situation is leading to uncertain livelihoods for the smallholder farmers.considering that a substantially large proportion of rural population still depend on agriculture for their livelihoods,it is important to safeguard the livelihoods of vulnerable communities.we have taken an integrated approach where empowerment of smallholder is the central point of our program design.in that context we have also taken Goat rearing and sustainable agricultural practices Project, handicrafts development program by office of the Development commissioner are composite in nature and not specific to area, caste or gender.the artisan belonging to all communities basically women artisan draw benifit from this scheme and try to mitigate the alternative source of sustainable livelihoods.

Our sustainable rural livelihoods projects includes integrated work on the following aspects –

  • Organising farmers and SHG group members into their own collectives for on farming and off farming level rural alternative livelihood skills.
  • Improving the management of water within the selected landscape.water conservation,water efficiency and rainwater harvesting remains a major focus of water related works.
  • Greening the selected landscape is among the major thrust area of our approach through social forestry and agroforestry.
  • Livestock development is key for large numbers of extremely vulnerable households in rural areas. Livestock health management is also key to reducing green house gass emissions.
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