Result & Outcome

Maitreyee Social Welfare Foundation

Our Values

  • Distribution and Plantation Plant:
    Area-Digambarpur, Patharpratima Assembly,
    More than 1500 saplings are provided by the local self-help group members with the cooperation of our organization. Mainly mangroves seeds are provided to these villagers to prevent soil erosion and maintain of eco-diversity of Sunderbans.
  • Free Tailoring Training:
    Types of courses under tailoring classes are Embodary.
    Total No.of benficiaries are 45.
    These free tailoring courses are conducted by ‘Sanchaita Swanirvhar Gosthi’which is basically a self-help group under the guidance of the Maitreyee Social Welfare Foundation.
  • Free Health Checkup Camps:
    No.of beneficiaries are 135 (Including Women Men Elderly People)
    They got treated in 2 Free Health Checkup Camps at Ghatshila East Singhvhum, Jharkhan.